Mendo Village School, Rasuwa (This project is supported by WWEP, USA)

This is a community school in the Mendo Village in the Rasuwa District. With the help of WWEP, we were able to help 40 children in the year 2013 with classroom supplies needed at the school. Now the overall number of children going to the school has increased with the help of the provided school supplies. This year forward, we are helping 90 children who are going to primary school and onto high school.

To support this program we need Euro 18 per child per year to provide school supplies. We also need Euro 92 for each student’s School Leaving Certificate (SLC) to encourage them to continue their college level studies.

School Facility Painting and Upkeep: Each year we need Euro 319 for purchasing paints and brushes for this project. This upkeep helps to maintain the proper condition of the school for each year.